System Size – 5.3kW

Panels – GCL-265W x 20

Inverters – SUNGROW 5000

Install – 13 July 2017

Our client in Barringella wanted a system that will support his farm as plenty of his electricity usage was being conducted during the day. Installing a system in rural areas can often be quiet challenging so it is essential for a solar company to provide the customers with an experienced team in those remote areas.

In order to ensure the installation was ideal, Space Solar Service engineers and our Barringella client with a team discussed all implications of voltage issues due to the distance of the grid pole in order to keep our client aware of the situation and to deliver the highest quality install. Using a Sungrow 5k inverter with 20 x GCL-265W panels, our client is able to run his farm during the day on the solar production generated.

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