Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Kangaroo Valley Off-Grid Ground Mounting System

System Size – 6kW

Panels – Trina 300W x 20

Inverters – SMA Sunnyboy 5kW + Sunny Island S16.OH + BYD B-box plus pro 10kWh battery.

Install – 30 April 2018

Our clients in Kangaroo Valley installed on the 30th of April 2018, 162KM away from the city of Sydney, decided to go with a completely off grid due to the expensive nature to supply grid power and reoccurring power outages in those remote areas. Due to the client’s poor sun exposure on their roof, Space Solar Service provided the client with an alternative solution which is to install all 20 x Trina 300W panels on his vast land.  The system included SMA Sunnyboy 5kW as the inverter with a Sunny Island S16.OH as the hybrid inverter and a BYD B-box plus pro 10kWh battery.

Ground mount solar PV has traditionally been installed on available land at an optimum angle and position to capture maximum light. In a ground installation a frame is built for your solar cells that tilts them up to an optimal angle and faces the correct way. The frame can be built out of galvanised steel or aluminium, and is attached to the ground via a concrete foundation. This system typically installed by our Accredited CEC installers as it is then eligible for a generous government rebate.

The ground mounting system was the most ideal for this case as the client had plenty of room in his land that had minimal shading from the surrounding trees. Our client is able to have a completely off grid system that will run the basic load requirements such as LED lighting, an efficiently sized fridge, LCD TV, computer, stereo, washing machine, ceiling fans and an efficient water pump.

Going completely off grid does have some risks, these risks include that the solar power may not fully charge the battery due to insufficient solar power (poor sunshine days, foggy weather and during the winter season), as a result, the off grid system may not be able to support the full load of the house on these kind of days. To avoid our clients from having no power supply during none sunny days, we decided to integrate the clients backup generator with the off grid solar system. This allows the customer the ability to switch over to his backup generator in the case were the solar supply is insufficient. Therefore this guarantees the client in Kangaroo valley to be supplied with electricity at all times.

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