The process of buying good solar from a trustable solar company can be frustrating. Especially in the Australian solar market where the competition is fierce, and a loophole is not that hard to find. However, if one is informed of the background and right information of the retailer and know what products are right, one can avoid wasting time on the shady companies. Our team has compiled a few tips that will help you to choose the right solar panel installers in the Australian market for your best solar experience.

  1. Check the company’s background form a credible online source. 

    Is there any site that furnishes information about the solar industry in Australia? Does it provide information about the power needs at homes, offices, and industries? You should choose websites with credible information, otherwise, it may not yield any great result. When in doubt, browse for “Solarquotes” & “Google review”, which will provide you with essential feedback from their customers. “Solarquotes” is the Australian online solar information directory which reviews, stores accurate data. These reviews will help you understand how other customers felt towards the solar installation process. Just remember, browsing the Internet before agreeing on purchasing from a certain company can take you a long way and of course most importantly, save you thousands of dollars.Solar Quotes Australia

  2. Manufacturer/Supplier with a long-term warranty 

    Can you just buy solar panels from anyone at cheap and forget? Even that so-called cheap investment would cost you more than expectations. The solar panel system is a valuable investment and we recommend you to choose only quality installations. Before jumping into the purchase, always do a cross-check on the product manufacturer’s/supplier’s website and check the warranty on the product. Make sure it’s matching with what the retailers are offering. Also, don’t forget to get the warranty papers with the contract after the installation.

  3. Referrals and asking someone you know. 

    You can discover several people around you to provide genuine recommendations. Most of the successful solar stories come through referrals of their friends and family. Like the saying “It’s always better to ask for the good pond before you start searching for the fish in different ponds. It’s always better to ask someone you know who has installed solar and get their referrals. This information may prove helpful in identifying leading solar installers in your region. This will also save a lot of time comparing solar retailers. Also, you should consult a few independent solar installation experts for professional advice.

  4. Compare quotes offered by the solar installers. 

    This exercise only works best if you have a list of expectations, factors, and feedback. Compare quotes from 2-4 installers and it may guide you to reach a decision. It is noted that the good solar installers send their personnel to provide an accurate estimate of power consumption and energy generation from the solar panels. Yes, it’s important for people to understand the facts first and a good solar company will offer the best consultants to convey this information to you. Unethical solar companies will briefly discuss the quote they have provided to you as their main priority is to sell and go, leaving you with plenty of unanswered questions once you have your solar installed.

  5. Bonus: 

    The Australian government has an organization called Clean Energy Council(CEC). Clean Energy Council members are companies who work in or support the clean energy sector. They join to receive various member benefits such as getting the latest industry updates, networking opportunities, contributing expertise to key industry discussions and having a central voice to represent the sector. The companies integrated with CEC can be known as a reputed company in the Australian solar industry as these companies need to complete certain requirements.Space Solar Free QUote Banner

    There you have the 4 key things to consider before purchasing solar in the Australian solar market. If you have any questions, you can – email us at
    – call us at 1300-713-998

    -Space Solar Editorial Team


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