Strathfield NSW

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Strathfield NSW

Space Solar completed this 10KW Solar System for our friendly customer in Strathfield NSW. With the rising cost of Electricity across Australia, they noticed that having the swimming pool pump on regularly was becoming very expensive. What used to be a $500 bill has quickly become a $700-$1,000 bill as time has gone on and rates continue to increase.

They approached Space Solar to discuss the option of going Solar, and with our guidance we provided a 24 Panel system that has reduced their Electricity Bill to almost nothing in a very short time. In the next few years, they will continue to have a reduced Electricity Bill and will earn back what they spent on the system through the savings

When done correctly, Solar can provide a huge saving and will pay for itself within a few short years – let us show you how!

System Size: 10.23KW
System Size: Trina 310W panels *33 with an SMA 5KW inverter + SMA 3KW inverter + Sunny Island 8KW inverter, and 2 BYD B-Box 13.8KWh Batteries
Install 6 July 2019

Can we meet the growing demand for electricity & protecting our climate?

How Your Solar Works?

Did you know one hour of consistent Sun energy is enough for 1-year power supply? Here’s how you can take
control of your Sun power with Space Solar Powerpack: 

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Solar Panels harness the Sun’s energy

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Inverters convert energy to electricity

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Battery is charged

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Manage your energy usage with cloud based monitoring

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Your home is empowered by solar