Frankston, VICTORIA

System Size:  31.68KW

System Component: LG NeoN2 330W * 96 with Enphase S270 Micro-inverters * 96

Project Completion: 2018. 02

One of the largest residential installations we have done in Melbourne!   

The customer is a commercial builder and he spent millions of dollars building his dream house using only top quality materials. As expected, he wanted a solid and reliable top of the range solar system to be installed.

We were contacted by the customer, and our sales person, Paul, spoke to the customer to determine the best solar system to satisfy his needs. The house has 3 stories with an elevator, central air conditioning, a heated swimming pool and many other modern electrical facilities for daily use. For this installation, the customers’ major concern is the quality and workmanship as his new mansion has been built for only 2 years, and he definitely does not want the house being damaged. The customer compared many solar companies and finally he chose Space Solar as his preferred installation company.

In order to ensure the installation was neat and tidy, we arranged 7 of our installers and booked scissor lift for this project. We spent 5 days on site to make sure the system was installed to the highest standard, with meticulous attention to detail. The owner is very satisfied with his solar system, and can now rely on the energy the solar panels is producing to cover most of his energy requirements. The owner has peace of mind for the installation as he knows everything was done perfectly due to Space Solars’ commitment to delivering a high quality installation with a workmanship guarantee we can stand behind with confidence.

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