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Mollymook Beach, Enphase Battery Installation

Install – 8 December 2017
System Size – 6kW
Panels – Trina 300W x 20
Inverters – ENPHASE S270* 20 + ENPHASE 1.2KWH BATTERY* 6

Our client in Mollymook Beach wanted a system that can generate power during night times. They felt
they consumed a lot more at night than during the day therefore Space Solar Service suggested the
idea of installing a sufficient amount of kWh Enphase batteries of 7.2kWh to discharge during the
night time, along with a 6kW sized microinverters + 20 Trina 230W panels.
During the day, with little day time consumption, the Enphase system would charge the 6 x 1.2kWh
Enphase batteries until it reaches maximum capacity. Once the solar system no longer generates
power, the batteries will discharge feeding power to appliances such as fridges, lights, dish washer
and more.

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