Blacktown Medical Centre, Blacktown

Blacktown Medical Centre, Blacktown-1

Blacktown Medical Centre, Blacktown

Our client, the owner of the Blacktown medical centre, was seeking to install the largest possible system size for his roof. Commercial solar project.

The Australian made solar inverters were an ideal installation as the client requested an internationally reputable inverter brand.

Our Accredited CEC solar installers in Sydney encountered plenty of challenges during the installation and it was not only due to the large size of the system.

The location of the medical centre was right beside Blacktown Westfield, one of Sydney’s busiest areas, making it more challenging for the team as they needed to take extra safety precautions and a longer time frame to complete this job to perfection. 

As a result of this, the engineers need to be patient and extra cautious. Furthermore, the installer’s team had to carefully remove the pebble stones on the roof until they could reach the concrete roof in order to mount all 132 panels on the roof. A scissor lift was required for this job due to the height of the building and of course due to the busy location of the surrounding area.

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System Size: 34.98kW
Panels: GCL 265W x 132
Inverters FRONIUS 25000 + FRONIUS 10000
Install 26 June 2017

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