Catholic Parish Of St John The Baptist

Catholic Parish Of St John The Baptist

Catholic Parish Of St John The Baptist

The Catholic Parish of St John is a large parish with over 15,000 parishioners and many ministries, such as the catechist program involving 70 parishioners providing religion classes to Catholic pupils in local public schools.

The parish church is located in between two schools and can accommodate large numbers of people therefore a heavy load on electricity. A/C running throughout the day, lights, computer labs, projectors and more all contribute to this heavy demand for electricity. This is not only convenient during school hours but even during school holidays as the Parish will start feeding the solar generated power to the grid thus getting credit from the grid company.

Space Solar provided the Catholic Parish a solution to reduce the heavy demand on electrify by installing a 98.9KW sized system. We designed and structured a multi roof installation using the latest Trina Solar products. The Trina Honey panel was used in the installation for its high power output which means performance is not compromised on cloudy days.

The school project also included the use of Fronius 27kW inverters. These solar inverters deliver up to 98.8 per cent efficiency. The inverter also features LAN communication. This feature greatly reduces the amount of data cabling that is needed for monitoring and controlling the PV system.

Customised cable trays were installed by Space Solar to enclose the DC cabling running between the panels and inverters. A wireless monitoring board was also installed which allows the client to monitor, control and maintain the solar system easily and safely.

The client is able to monitor the system’s total production and consumption over 6 sub-boards which will help the board identify if any issues require maintenance by Space Solar Service.

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System Size: 98.8KW
Panels: Trina Honey 260W X 380
Inverters Fronius 27kW x 3 + Fronius 15kW x 1
Install April 2017

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