Fitzroy Falls, NSW

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Fitzroy Falls, NSW

Our Client in Fitzroy Falls spent millions on building a near like castle house that included the state of the art architecture, tennis courts, top of the range heating and cooling systems, swimming pools and more.

System Size: 24kW
Panels : Trina 300W x 20
Install 3 October 2017

Can we meet the growing demand for electricity & protecting our climate?

Our client just required one more thing to complete his dream house and that was to be able to go green through using renewable energy and install a reliable top of the range solar system.

Of course, Space Solar took on this challenge and saw this as an opportunity to offer a system installation that not many solar companies can provide.

To maximize optimum angle and position to capture maximum light, a massive 24kW ground mounted/on grid integrated solar system was installed by Space Solar Sydney 

Using, 80 x Trina Solar /TSM300 + 2 x Fronius Primo 8.0 + 2 x Fronius Primo3.0 + 9 x BYD solar battery with a rated capacity of 51.2v/50Ah + 2 x Victron / Quatrro  48/10000/140 with a total rated capacity of 20 KVA/280A battery charger.

PV Inverter System

No. Item Description Note
1 Brand & Model Fronius / Primo 8.0 Fronius / Primo3.0
2 Rated Capacity 8.0 KW 3.0 KW
3 Quantity Installed 2
4 Total Capacity 22.0 KW 11KW per phase

Battery System

No. Item Description Note
1 Brand & Model BYD / Li-Ion U3A1-50P-A
2 Rated Capacity 51.2v/50Ah
3 Quantity Installed 9
4 Total Capacity 51.2v/450Ah Two phases share

Battery Inverter & Backup System

No. Item Description Note
1 Brand & Model Victron / Quatrro 48/10000/140
2 Rated Capacity 10 KVA /140A battery charger 20KW Peak
3 Quantity Installed 2 1 per phase
4 Total Capacity 20 KVA/280A battery charger 10KVA/140A per phasee

The client in Fitzroy Falls installed a huge air conditioning system that his on-grid 2 phase house hold would not be able to support.

Installing this 24kW ground mounting system with the ability to go on-grid was the ideal solution to allow his air conditioning system to function when the solar generation is producing.

In the event of a blackout, the customer has the backup battery function that will discharge to allow his air conditioning system to function at all times. The customer is able to revert back to the grid power in the case were solar production is insufficient (cloudy days or rainy days) keeping the clients house always powered.

How Your Solar Works?

Did you know one hour of consistent Sun energy is enough for 1-year power supply? Here’s how you can take
control of your Sun power with Space Solar Powerpack:
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Solar Panels harness the Sun’s energy

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Inverters convert energy to electricity

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Battery is charged

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Manage your energy usage with cloud based monitoring

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Your home is empowered by solar