John Colet Catholic School


John Colet Catholic School

Space Solar Service provided the John Colet School a solution to reduce the heavy demand for electricity by installing a 33KW sized system. Solar panels for schools.

Space Solar provided the John Colet School a solution to reduce the heavy demand for electricity by installing a 33KW sized system.

We designed and structured a multi roof installation using the latest Trina Solar products. The Trina Honey panel was used in the commercial solar installation for its high power output which means performance is not compromised on cloudy days.

After Space Solar provided John Colet School with some top of the range solar systems, the school board, and parent committee both came to an agreement to go ahead with installing an Enphase system despite the higher cost.

After a lengthy discussion and decision making, both the school and parents felt the need to invest in an Enphase micro system because it eliminates the use of a DC cable and rooftop isolators making it the safest possible system for kids. During the decision-making process by the school, the parent’s committee organized a fundraiser to support the school to purchase the Micros system.

The school, parents, and students were all happy with the decision made to purchase the Enphase solar system.

Installing the Enphase system has helped the school lower its electricity costs and further exemplified its contribution to creating a greener environment.

The Enphase system allows the school to be able to monitor the system’s total production and consumption which will help the board identify if any issues require maintenance by Space Solar Service.

This is not only convenient during school hours but even during school holidays as the school will start feeding the solar-generated power to the grid thus getting credit from the grid company.

John Colet School is looking around 5 years to get the return of invest money back for the savings made on electricity.

Additionally, the Enphase system requires minimal maintenance due to its high tech nature. The products – solar panels, solar batteries and solar inverters offered by Space Solar Service to the John Colet School come with a full 10 years warranty, which will remove any concerns for future service costs and repairs.

System Size: 33kW
Panels: TRINA-300W * 110
Inverters ENPHASE S270 x 110 + ENVOY x 2

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