Longueville NSW

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Longueville NSW

Space Solar has just recently installed a 30KW Solar System for a customer in Longueville NSW to reduce electricity bill over $10,000 per year. Call Now on 1300-713-998.

The team at Space Solar are always happy to help customers who are looking to reduce their Electricity Bills.

Other companies were suggesting a small 6.6KW system due to the size of their roof and to make the system as cheap as possible – but Space Solar suggested a large enough system that the Customer will actually notice a difference on their bills and make the Investment make more sense with a more future proof set-up.

And just like that, another happy customer with Space Solar who has made the right decision to go Solar!

It just makes sense to speak to the experts who have been in the industry for over 10 years.

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System Size: 10.23KW
System Size: Trina 310W panels *33 with an SMA 5KW inverter + SMA 3KW inverter + Sunny Island 8KW inverter, and 2 BYD B-Box 13.8KWh Batteries
Install 6 July 2019

Can we meet the growing demand for electricity & protecting our climate?

How Your Solar Works?

Did you know one hour of consistent Sun energy is enough for 1-year power supply? Here’s how you can take
control of your Sun power with Space Solar Powerpack:
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Solar Panels harness the Sun’s energy

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Inverters convert energy to electricity

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Battery is charged

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Manage your energy usage with cloud based monitoring

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Your home is empowered by solar