Meriton Mascot Central Service

Meriton Mascot Central Service

Meriton Mascot Central Service

Meriton Suites has undergone tremendous growth in its collection of luxury apartment-style hotel accommodation. Commercial solar installation project.

After Space Solar – leading solar installers in Sydney discussed the beneficial factors of having solar, the Meriton Mascot trusted Space Solar Service to conduct this massive 99kW project in February 2017. Adding a solar system to this first class resort will massively offset the grid import demand in the common area. With plenty of high-tech door slides, lighting, pool pumps, water fountains, elevators and more we can say see the demand for power is high.

The 99kW solar system will generate 155MWh of solar electricity per year. An estimated 95% of produced power will be consumed on-site. This impressive sustainable inclusion works towards Meriton’s ambitious sustainability goals.

Space Solar designed installed and commissioned the commercial solar power system for the Serviced Apartment Building. From visibility, challenges with shading to weather-permitting schedules, Space Solar engineered and executed the project to fit the unique requirements of the structure.

The solar panels system, which spans 456.67m², is made up of 330 x BenQ panels and four German-quality SMA inverters.

System Size: 99KW
Panels: BenQ Monocrystalline 300W x 330
Inverters 3 x SMA Sunny Tri-power 27000TL 1 x SMA Sunny Tri-power 15000TL
Install 29 August 2016
Address Mascot NSW

Can we meet the growing demand for electricity & protecting our climate?

How Your Solar Works?

Did you know one hour of consistent Sun energy is enough for 1-year power supply? Here’s how you can take
control of your Sun power with Space Solar Powerpack:
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Solar Panels harness the Sun’s energy

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Inverters convert energy to electricity

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Battery is charged

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Manage your energy usage with cloud based monitoring

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Your home is empowered by solar