Meriton, Paramatta

Meriton, Paramatta

Meriton, Paramatta

The Meriton Parramatta Apartment is the tallest building in the Western suburb located in Sydney’s second CBD was the ideal challenge for Space Solar Service to take upon.

Taking into consideration the limited roof space available on the Parramatta Meirton Apartment, Space Solar’s engineers took advantage of the roof orientation and flush mounted the array to make the most out of the roof space.

Additional safety measures were put in place due to the high wind and dangerous height conditions of the installation.
Water proofing the Dyna bolt bracket installation on the building’s concrete membrane roof was also a focus of particular attention.
The result is a visually pleasing and optimised 64.96kW roof mounted solar power system which generates a significant offset of the building’s common area energy consumption.

System Size: 99KW
Panels: 224 x Trina Monocrystalline 290W
Inverters 2 x SMA Sunny Tri-power 17000TL2 x SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL
Install 12 December 2016
Address Meriton Parramatta

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