Superpetz Store Installation


Superpetz Store Installation

Space Solar Service installed a 20.8kW sized solar system using 80 x Lightway 260W panels and powered by a 20kW inverter for the food pet store in Glendenning NSW.

System Size: 20.8KW
Panels: Lightway-260W*80
Inverters ABB 20000
Install 13 September 2016
Address GLENDENNING 2761

Can we meet the growing demand for electricity & protecting our climate?

How Your Solar Works?

Did you know one hour of consistent Sun energy is enough for 1-year power supply? Here’s how you can take
control of your Sun power with Space Solar Powerpack:
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Solar Panels harness the Sun’s energy

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Inverters convert energy to electricity

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Battery is charged

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Manage your energy usage with cloud based monitoring

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Your home is empowered by solar