Wentworth Point, Pulselife Gym – Australia’s Largest Residential Gym Solar Install

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WENTWORTH POINT, PULSELIFE GYM – Australia’s Largest Residential Gym Install

Wentworth Point, Pulselife Gym – Australia’s Largest Residential Gym Solar Install

Pulse is a residential gym located in Wentworth Point. They provide their customers with extensive lists of facilities and classes at their complex. Due to all those extensive facilities, they offer, paying for electricity was very costly. As a result, a high electricity bill costs the owners of Pulse Life Gym to have to pay higher strata bills.

The management of the gym wanted to seek a cheaper and cleaner power to lower the cost by roughly 75%. They found our company Space Solar Service along with 2 other solar companies most appealing in terms of the solar system solutions offered.

Eventually, the owners decided to go ahead with Space Solar Service to prepare the tender due to our company’s experience with installing big commercial sized solar systems.

Space Solar Service installed 215 Trina solar panels powered by two 28kW Aurora solar inverters for Pulse Life Gym in order to minimize buying power from the grid. Since the gym’s operating hours are from 6 AM to 9 PM, installing solar would be the perfect fit as they can rely on solar especially during summer with longer sunshine hours to power the solar system.

Pool swimming pool pumps, air conditioning, electric equipment can all be powered by solar instead thus our clients will have a great return of investment in the future. Not only is this beneficial for the gym in terms of cost savings but they are always showing a great example and image to all their gym members on by going green through using renewable energy.

Post-installation, the board had nothing but good words on their experience with Space Solar Service. The manager of Pulse Life Gym stated “the commercial solar installation was completed on time with minimal impact on residents and health gym members”.

System Size: 56KW
Panels: Trina 260W x 215
Inverters AURORA 2 X 28KW
Install 28 October 2015

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