Whanregarwen, Victoria

Whanregarwen, Victoria

Whanregarwen, Victoria

Space Solar recently installed the 10.23KW system consisting of trina 310W solar panels with an inverter for the customer located at Whanregarwen, Victoria.

Our sales person, Frank, spoke to the customer to determine the best system to suit our customers’ needs. The customer had an existing off grid system which was very old, was poorly installed and was not functioning correctly. The existing system had almost no storage. The customer wished to completely re-do the system to better suit his needs.

The customer let us know that the average demand per day during summer was 23.2KWh, due to having up to 6 freezers running each day. During winter, when the freezers were not running, the average demand per day was 12KWh. He wanted a system that he could also add additional battery storage and panels to in the future if they were needed.

As the customer required an off grid system with a reasonable amount of battery storage, it was decided that a 10.23KW system consisting of Trina 310W solar panels *33 with an SMA 5KW inverter + SMA 3KW solar inverter + Sunny Island 8KW inverter, and 2 BYD B-Box 13.8KWh solar batteries system would be the best fit for this property.

On the day of installation, this job took our 7 installers around 11 hours to finish.

The customer is very happy with this system, and can now rely on the energy the solar panels is producing to cover his energy requirements. The customer has peace of mind knowing that the system is self-sufficient as it is off grid, and no matter the circumstances, he will have access to electricity produced by his panels. Contact Space Solar for commercial solar installation for your business or commercial property. 

System Size: 10.23KW
System Size: Trina 310W panels *33 with an SMA 5KW inverter + SMA 3KW inverter + Sunny Island 8KW inverter, and 2 BYD B-Box 13.8KWh Batteries
Install 6 July 2019

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