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Tips For Choosing A Solar Panel Installer

Choosing a solar panel installer can indeed get tricky. You may not know who to hire or face many issues with your current solar panel installer like taking too much time or not doing that great of a job. What do you do in these situations? You hire new solar panel installers. Solar power for homes is gaining momentum as people have started realising the benefits of solar panels in Sydney.

It gets confusing when trying to choose a company for your solar installations because there are so many in the market. So many solar companies in Sydney now offer such a great deal to attract customers which includes services like panels, installation, and maintenance services. Solar energy helps you to switch to a more sustainable option while also decreasing your costs in regard to a hefty energy bill.

So naturally, finding a good and trusted solar panel installer is a must. Dealing with incompetent installers will only lead to complications and hinder a panel’s performance. So what are the things you need to look out for when hiring a solar panel installer? This article talks about a list of things that can help you make the ideal decision!

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1. Home Visits

When you reach out to a solar panel installer, they will send someone to scout your house. That is the first step for having panels installed in your home. The person making decisions must have an idea of the layout of your house. Pay attention to how attentive this person is to your surroundings. Do they have any suggestions that can help improve the installation and the efficiency of the device? Will something hinder the device’s performance? Once you know that the person you’re dealing with is actually suggesting things that only a professional would, that’s your sign to go ahead with this installer.

2. Check Present Projects

Always check if your service provider has any experience in this field. Have they worked on any other solar projects? A certified company will always make sure that its old projects are acknowledged by potential customers in order to gain their trust. This also gives you a practical understanding of their services and way of work.

3. Background

A qualified solar panel installer company will always have MCS accredited while also being an active member of REAL ( Renewable Energy Assurance Limited) or the Solar Trade Association. SEI and NABCEP are well-known companies that provide training for installers so make sure you cross-check this information.

4. Customer Testimonials And Reviews

Customers can always describe the company’s service quality the best. You will come to know their strengths and weaknesses. However, it is not fair to rule a company out on the basis of just one bad review. So always gauge the number of good reviews and bad reviews and make a conscious choice. Read Google reviews for the company online to gain proper insights.

You can also check whether any of your close friends and family members have availed services from this company or any other viable option they can provide you with. Websites like Glassdoor also give a better understanding of the capabilities of a company. These steps will definitely help you make the right decision.

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