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7 Irresistible Reasons To Go Solar | Space Solar

7 Irresistible Reasons To Go Solar – 2021 Updated

What is solar power?

why go solar?

There’s a complicated answer to that, but let’s keep it simple. Solar energy is heat and light from the sun that has been harnessed using technology to convert it into power.

Today, more homeowners are opting to have solar panels installed on their homes to take advantage of this renewable and clean way of generating power.

So, why go for solar? How is it beneficial?

Here is a look at seven reasons why you, as a business owner, homeowner, or even a renter, should consider switching from traditional electric power to solar power.

1.       Kinder to the environment

Unlike traditional power, solar energy doesn’t produce harmful emissions, and therefore, doesn’t hurt the environment. It is a renewable, clean process that uses the most abundant and natural resource – the sun.

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2.       Increase the value of your home

For most home improvements, there is a monetary loss incurred. However, with solar energy, you get to save more money on your energy bills each month. Read our blog post to help you work out how to choose a good solar company.

Furthermore, when you invest in solar, the investment adds more value to the property, which increases your chances of earning more from the sale of your property should you decide to sell it.

In today’s challenging market, having solar panels installed in your home could be what determines if you sell your home or not. This added bonus could be what pushes potential buyers to consider your property over others.

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3.       Saves you money in the long run

Having a solar system installed in your home could create an opportunity to make other home improvements with this one addition in mind. For example, some homeowners consider a hot tub or swimming pool when renewable energy comes into the picture.

According to a National Resource Defense Council report, pool owners generally pay about $500 annually in energy bills. You combine both improvements by having a solar system installed. The system covers the extra energy usage paying for the other investment.

Since you will be saving on energy bills, your cost savings could, over time, add up to a point where you have enough money to cover the cost of making any home improvement you desire.

The tree removal experts at Cheaper Trees know all about the benefits of long term home improvement. They say, “the little things make the biggest difference when it comes to home improvement. Don’t think fancy pool, think about what you can do for the environment of your home. Think arboriculture and solar panels.”

Most home improvements generally cost more than a solar system and are subject to various tax costs. At the same time, they don’t save on monthly costs but instead, cost more. There isn’t a home improvement project that’s worth investing in more than a renewable energy system.

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4.       Fixed energy cost

The electricity provided by power suppliers is never guaranteed and generally doesn’t have a set price, which is why electricity costs rise and fall without effect or cause. Without any other reliable option, most consumers are left with no choice but to pay whatever price they are billed.

On the other hand, the cost of solar remains constant. If you choose to finance or lease your system, all there is left to do is pay a set minimum monthly payment that’s much lower than your electricity bill.

5.       The way of the future

If you look keenly, the signs are everywhere. Despite the agendas being propagated by dirty energy generators and fossil fuel companies, it is clear to see that the future of energy is clean, renewable energy.

As of 2016, renewable energy makes up most of the annual power additions to the national power grid.

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6.       Available 24/7

There are many myths that surround solar power, and one of them involves the belief that solar energy is limited when it comes to how effective solar panels are in generating energy. It is worth noting that panels need daylight, and not sunlight, to generate electricity.

The electricity experts at Smart and Fast Electrical say that they love working with solar power. They say, “solar energy is the way of the future. It works so well and it makes so much sense. We can’t wait to see more people jump on board!”

This, therefore, means that even on rainy, cloudy days, panels will still be producing energy. The energy they produce is then accumulated during the day time, when the sun is up, and stored in batteries – that means you produce more electricity than you actually need.

7.       Solar Energy is Cool (literally!)

Let’s face it; there is nothing cooler than knowing your home is being powered by the sun. Solar panels serve as ‘roof shades’ that help keep the buildings they are installed on cool whilst providing them with clean, efficient power.

According to roofing expert Shane Kendrick, panels actually soak up rays from the sun, directing the rays away from your roof. He says, “roofs without panels are more susceptible to allow heat to enter the building. Solar panels make your home cheaper to run and cooler.”

When trying to find out how much homes with panels saved on cooling the structure, researchers found that it’s equal to getting a 5% discount on the price of a panel system through its lifetime.

However, this ‘coolness factor’ is always present with solar power too.

Since your home will always be your main consumer of energy, why not start your solar update there and stand out in one of the coolest ways under the sun?


Written by: Jasmine Anderson