6 Reasons to Install Solar Panels In Your Home

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6 Reasons to Install Solar Panels In Your Home

Every homeowner in Australia should consider putting good use of the free, abundant, and clean-sourced sun energy by installing tier-one quality solar panels on their rooftop. With residential solar installation, homeowners can easily offset their utility costs and reduce environmental impact individually. In fact, almost one-third of Australians have already considered installing residential solar systems to increase their energy independence and save maximum on monthly/quarterly/annual energy bills. 

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Although solar systems were criticised for being less efficient than off-grid electricity and considered quite an expensive investment, the technological advancement and rebate program has made things easier for homeowners across Australia.

The government initiated a rebate scheme – for solar system installation – has provided homeowners countless reasons to switch to solar energy.

Besides, solar systems have also been extremely beneficial environmentally and financially for homeowners.

In this article, we have highlighted a few more reasons to install solar panels in your home and live an independent life.

1. To Use Renewable Energy Source 

Sun is a renewable energy source. Unlike fossil-fueled energy, solar energy is clean and abundant. By harnessing solar power and using it to its full potential, homeowners can obtain clean, free energy without breaking their bank account. Solar energy can be accessed as long as you receive sunlight, meaning you can use this clean-sourced energy for at least 5 billion years! Instead of using fossil-fueled energy sources, switching to renewable energy sources can help save the environment and build a sustainable future.

2. To Obtain Reduced Electricity Bills 

One of the biggest reasons to consider solar panel installation is obtaining reduced monthly/quarterly/annual electricity bills. Unlike electric grid-based energy, solar panels use sunlight to generate power and fulfil all your energy needs. With energy needs being fulfilled through solar PV panels, your electricity bill will decrease drastically. Homeowners can save maximum on their electricity bills and receive additional payment by exporting excess energy produced through the solar system back to the grid.

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3. For Low Maintenance Costs 

Solar panels require minimal maintenance. Homeowners have to simply clean the PV panels to ensure the system produces optimal power and can cater for their everyday energy needs. All you have to do is clean those PV panels with a soft cloth or sponge and clean water.

Most solar systems come with a 20-25 years warranty, meaning you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount on maintenance. Besides, you can always consider the assistance of a solar company – providing maintenance services – to be more careful with the cleaning process.

4. To Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof 

Most homeowners are unaware of the advantage that solar panels can extend the life of their roof. By installing solar PV panels, homeowners can protect their roofs from several external elements such as rain, debris, and snow. Additionally, solar PV panels can work exceptionally well and produce more energy during hot summer days. You easily leverage this free, abundant sunlight and use it to fulfil your basic energy needs.

5. For Improved Home Value 

If you have plans to sell your property in future, consider installing solar PV panels on your roof. Several studies reveal that new property buyers prefer purchasing homes with already installed solar panels. Installing residential solar panel systems can improve and increase your home value, thus making the deal tip more on your side. As a seller, you can also pitch for your favourable sale rate in front of the purchaser, which maximises the chances of exceptional sales value. Therefore, homeowners should install a solar system on their roofs to boost maximum home value.

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