Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panels in Newcastle, NSW

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6.6kw solar system

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panels in Newcastle, NSW

Australia experiences an immense amount of sunlight every year. With the abundance of sunshine throughout Australia, using clean-sourced energy – solar for your power consumption needs to become an optimal decision. According to a report by Australian Photovoltaic Institute, 360,000 solar systems were installed in 2021. That’s a straight 40% increase on the previous record of 2020! Most homeowners and businesses in Australia are already following the “solar trend” and switching from their off-grid electrical systems to effective solar solutions. 

In this article, we will discuss everything about solar energy and highlight things you can expect from solar panels in Newcastle, NSW.


How Much Solar Power Can You Generate in Newcastle?

Throughout the year, Newcastle receives 5.3 peak sun hours (per square meter) every day. Utilising these 5.3 hours full of sunshine means saving maximum on your electricity bills, and considering solar panel installation can help achieve energy-saving goals. If we take the above scenario, a 1 kilowatt (kW) solar system installed in Newcastle will generate 5.3 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy. However, it is imperative to know that solar systems are not 100% efficient. Why? When the sunlight energy is converted into electricity through a solar system, it loses some raw energy during the process which affects the energy consumption efficiency. Another critical factor that may affect the efficiency is the panel facing. North facing solar panels tilted at a latitude that is 32 degrees will suffer a 15% efficiency loss. Rest 85% will be the total conversion efficiency. 

Based on the total conversion efficiency – that is 85% – here’s a range of solar system sizes with their daily energy output:

Solar system size (kilowatts) Avg daily system output (kilowatt-hours)
1.5kW 6.7kWh
2kW 9kWh
3kW 13.5kWh
4kW 18kWh
5kW 22.5kWh
10kW 45kWh

How Much Money Can I Save with a Solar System?

The amount of savings you will make with a solar system will depend on your energy consumption, location, and size of the system. Your average kWh consumption may fluctuate depending on the type of appliance used during the changing weather condition. For instance, you may use air conditioning during hot weather or a heating system during cold weather. If you want to know the average kWh consumption, refer to the historic usage on your electricity bill. Once you figure out the average usage, you can decide on choosing a suitable solar system for your home.

There are no solar feed-in tariffs for new solar installations in New South Wales. So, you will not receive any financial benefits from connecting your solar system with the electrical grid. Ultimately, you have to make the most of the solar system by using it during daylight hours.

Are Solar Rebates Available in Newcastle?

The federal government’s rebate program offers incentives to homeowners in Newcastle who are keen to install a solar system in their properties. Homeowners will receive these incentives through the Small-scale Technology Certificates program. The Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are tradable certificates that can be exchanged to obtain a discount for solar system installation. However, the STCs you receive will depend on the size of the solar system. 

Here’s the average rebate amount for various solar systems in Newcastle. NSW.

Solar system size (kilowatts) Rebate Amount
2kW $1,110
3kW $2,045
4kW $2,310
5kW $2,870
6kW $3,068
10kW $5,775

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Newcastle?

The cost of solar panels in Newcastle varies depending on the size of the solar system. For instance, a 5kW solar system will be approx $4,450. The national average cost of a 5kW solar system is $5,200. Meaning the cost of solar systems in Newcastle will be at a lower end. The prices include solar rebates, making solar panel installation in Newcastle a cost-effective and efficient choice.

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