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Everything You Need To Know About Solar System Scams

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With solar panel installation in Sydney and around Australia, we are paving the way for a sustainable environment, but scams are also inevitable. At least one of your neighbours, friends, or family members may have fallen victim to a residential solar fraud. Since there are numerous scammers in the market, we at Space Solar strongly advise our clients to conduct their own research before selecting a solar installation company. Considering that scammers pretend to be legitimate service providers, it can be challenging to distinguish the real specialists against the fraudsters.

Fortunately, there are a few obvious signs that may help you spot and tell the difference between genuine solar panel installers and scammers. Door-knocking, cold calling, and high-pressure sales techniques to sign up right away are some of the most popular ones. In addition to this, we’ve included a list of warning signs below to help you stay away from scams of solar panels in Newcastle.


If done properly, telemarketing is totally legal, but it’s a good idea to be informed of what constitutes telemarketing techniques so you can decide whether you feel comfortable speaking with the person you are interacting with.

Consumers are frequently contacted by telemarketing businesses to determine their interest in solar energy. If you indicate that you are interested, your information may be transferred to solar retail businesses so that they may get in touch with you to close a deal.

There are respectable telemarketing companies, but sadly there are also shady companies, and these companies frequently don’t care whether you are on the government’s Do Not Call Register. One of the laws that telemarketers must follow is not to phone those who have registered to Do Not Call Register.   If you are on the Do Not Call Registry and you receive a call, you can be confident that the firm is violating the law and is not someone you should trust.

Social media

In the era of social media, more businesses attempt to contact customers by running advertisements on these platforms. Once more, unethical businesses may advertise on social platforms just as readily as well-known ones.

If an offer of a solar system for your home appears too good to be true, then it probably is, and the quality of the items and services you will receive may be subpar, leaving you worse off in the long term.

If you do come across social media advertising that piques your interest, it’s wise to learn more about the brand, read client testimonials, and obtain some comparison quotes from other businesses.

Replacing for low or no cost

unnamed 3Some solar scammers make the bold promise that they would replace your old solar panels with brand-new ones at no cost to you. Be wary of offers like these since you could be exchanging your high-quality panels for a subpar, low-quality substitute. The “free” panels are probably going to be inexpensive and low quality.

Be aware that there is a good chance you have been the victim of a solar scam if you receive an unexpected phone, email, or home visit from someone promising any of the above. This is especially true if they demand cash or for you to sign up right away. If you’re not sure, ask for their contact information so you may call them later to make use of the offer and verify their legitimacy. It is probably a fraud if they decline and insist that you sign up right away.

How to prevent solar fraud?

Always make an independent call to the organisation directly to the number listed in the phone book or on their website to confirm their identification if you have been approached by a salesman or organisation and you are unsure. Additionally, look up online company reviews. For more advice on tips on how to safely install solar panels for your home, visit our website at https://www.spacesolar.com.au/ or call us at 1300 713 998.